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From #4, Things I Learned From My Dad on the @maisonetteworld blog....You’re Never Too Old To Work On Your Sh*t: "Growing up, my dad was an angry guy, but as he got older, he went to therapy and dealt with his rage. He learned to manage his anger and by the time I was an adult, he was pretty mellowed out and self aware. When he did blow up, he would own his part and apologize, which is really rare and admirable — especially in an older man who is set in his ways. I give him a lot of credit for that. Unfortunately, I inherited his temper. Don’t be fooled by all my hippie stuff, I can be be a wild, raging screaming maniac when I get set off. But then I make a point to say to my children: 'I’m sorry, this is something I am trying to work on,' and not make it about what they've done, even when I feel totally justified in my anger. I'm okay with my daughters seeing me owning up to my flaws. The truth is, losing your shit is never your child's fault. I mean, we all do it, but no one — child or adult — deserves to be yelled at. If you believe otherwise, it does real damage to your self-esteem. Three days before my Dad’s stem cell transplant, I was putting mascara on in his hospital room to go to a Christmas party because one of my friends was trying to set me up with a famous actor. My dad got furious. He was like: 'This is the last thing you need Molly! An actor! Just another charismatic scumbag who won’t respect you for your mind!' I was like: 'Cut me some slack here, I am recently separated, can’t a girl have some fun?' and I stormed out of the Bone Marrow Ward. The next day he texted and said 'I’m sorry things got out of hand last night I was a mess from all the meds.' I texted back: ‘It’s okay, I was happy to see that you’ve still got some fire in you.' He wrote back: “me and you, we’re always good, no matter what'. He died two weeks later." #cluboflostdaughters

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