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"Whilst on the trip of a lifetime in Europe, we spent four nights in Santorini - my ultimate bucket list destination! ⠀ .⠀ After the most beautiful day soaking up the sun on Grecian beaches, Jak suggested we drive up to Oia to watch the sunset. I was starving by the time we arrived and was starting to complain. Jak was on a mission, he told me he just wanted to get a photo of us in front of the iconic blue domes and then we could go eat. ⠀ .⠀ I was probably on my fifth round of “Pleaseeeee can we just eat? I don’t care about this photo...” when Jak found a secret path (full of ‘NO ENTRY’ signs) leading to his the exact spot he’d envisioned. He convinced me to make my way there (having to jump fences, scale walls and sneak through Santorinian locals balconies) while he set his GoPro up on a nearby rooftop. ⠀ After a few minutes, he followed and joined me on the rooftop. He took my hand, kissed me and then in the blink of an eye, dropped to his knee and presented me with a breathtaking ring! ⠀ ⠀ I don’t even remember what he said, or if he said anything at all I was in SO much shock! I was convinced that this boy did not have the skills to pull off a surprise proposal (plus I watched him like a hawk while he was packing and there was NO ring, I was sure of it!) ⠀ ⠀ I stood there for ages just looking around half expecting him to say it was all a joke and then he stood up and said; “baby, are you ever going to say yes?!” I did! We had the most incredible moments watching that sunset together, with my beautiful ring (that he designed from scratch!) sparkling in the sunlight. " @doitwithjoy_⠀ ⠀ Love a proposal as much as us? This week, we're kicking off sharing YOUR stories! SHare your engagement story (we want the moment and the faces!) hashtag us with #pdbimengaged and we'll share your romantic stories. Shoutout to @doitwithjoy_ for sharing her story today!⠀ x Ms Polka⠀ ⠀ #pdbimengaged #polkadotbride #feelgoodweddings #engaged #imengaged #proposal #engagement #engagementphoto #weddingblog #theproposalissue #engagementring #shesaidyes #hesaidyes #isaidyes #ido #diamond #diamondring #gettingmarried #ring #engagementrings #engagementphotos #fiance #heputaringonit

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