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Stone Fox Bride

"Everyone has an untapped power inside them. It's where all our strength is. Sometimes it is only when you're really in the dark, backed up against the wall, that you're forced to find where it is. You know that dream where you're running through the house and you fling open the door and you find that magical other room on another floor? You wake up thinking, ‘Oh my God, I dreamt I have another room in my house!’ But I think that's what it is, we do have that other room, if we're desperate enough to get out of the hallway and fling open the door. I don’t think divorce means your heart is a charred black sausage. I’m filled with more love than I’ve ever been. I’ve been wondering: why can't marriage and divorce exist in the same space? I'm considering changing the name Stone Fox Bride to Stone Fox Ride and sort of making the business about these cool transitions we have in our lives like marriage or second marriages or divorce or loss or motherhood. I'm certainly in a place where I'm excited to explore the in between moments in women’s lives when they’re thrown out of their comfort zone and in total flux.” Once again, the gals at @stylelikeu dragged me out to Fort Greene a couple weeks ago, held me hostage in a dark little room on a sunny afternoon and forced me to spill my guts about all the shit that went down this past year while my Dad was dying and I was getting a divorce. Spoiler alert: I sobbed my eyes out. Link in profile for your listening pleasure. xx. #stonefoxride

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