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"We spend many days at our favorite brunch spot, so when Brandon pitched the idea for a brunch date there I thought nothing of it. We ordered our favorite dishes, sat on the beautiful lawn, and enjoyed our meal together. Afterward, he turned to me and said “I found a poem I wrote you from 2015, want to hear it?” (Throughout our relationship he would surprise me with poems he'd written, SO cute!). The poem was beautiful, and I was already in tears. Before I could even tell him how beautiful it was, he quickly adds “I also wrote you a new poem”... At this point, butterflies flooded my tummy. I don’t remember the majority of the poem because I was just sobbing as I listened! The end of the poem read “for a while now my heart you’ve carried, I think it’s about time we get married”, and next thing I know he is on one knee asking me to marry him..."

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