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To The Woman Who Gave Me A Dirty In Dumbo At 5:22 PM Tonight, I'm so sorry that you happened to walk right in front of me at the moment that I was running like all hell, screaming, at the top of my lungs, to my darling youngest daughter, dawdling far behind me, sweetly staring at the clouds with her hands in her parka pockets: "YOU ARE FUCKING KIDDING ME WALKING SO SLOWLY WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WE ARE GOING TO MISS THE FERRY!" I was not proud of myself, Woman Who Gave Me A Mean Look, in fact, I was ashamed of my #momfail, but it happens. See, if we had missed that ferry that it would have been another half hour until the next one and by that time both kids were be hungry and super cold and it would have thrown off dinnertime and bedtime and then morningtime, you get what I mean. The reason we were running in the first place is because one of the kids had to take a poo as we were in line waiting for the ferry, and I had to fanagle my way into a private restroom but she is terrified of automatic toilets so I had to crouch down while she wrapped her arms around me like a monkey, wailing, the entire time she went number two while I placated the other child with pieces of cinnamon chewing gum. Woman Who Gave Me A Mean Look, It's been a long winter and I'm alone with my kids a lot, and as much as I'd like to say I have a steady meditation practice that makes me a super mellow #zenmama, I fucking fly off the handle in public quite often. I also cut my kids’ grapes in half and hold their hair when they puke and try to model strength and softness and humor and how to play basketball and wipe a mirror with Windex and fuck the NRA and books not screens and keep your side of the street clean and watch your #whiteprivilege the list goes on. You probably thought: "wow, what kind of lowbrow ho-bag mom swears at her three-year-old in public" but it's really not the norm. I'm just trying to get through the weekend, Woman Who Gave Me A Dirty Look — just like you. Sincerely, Molly (PS: The kids went to bed late anyway and I've got a weird bout of adult acne and a face full of yogurt and coconut oil because I just realized I'm all out of my fancy skin care masks.)

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