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There are things in life you can prepare for and while @chadkeffer and I knew this day was close, it has certainly taken us. Axl came into our lives 12 years ago as a tiny rescue puppy with velveteen fur. He swam in the bay the first day we had him and was the brightest dog I ever had the pleasure to train. So much so we took agility classes together and competed to satisfy his intelligence and desire to please. Every other morning I would grab my visor to run and he’d be there eager to keep me company for the 5 miles. From Miami, to cross country drives, summers in Tahoe and plane flights fleeing hurricanes, there was nothing we asked of him that he wasn’t excited to do - he just wanted to be at our sides. He has an army of fans across the country from dog nannies, vets, family and friends - people who knew him would say how special he was, a once in a lifetime kind of soul, and a perfect gentleman. His nicknames were plenty, our favorites; Pooey, Axl Pants, Axl Rose, Prince Pooey and Bubba. Every foster puppy and kitten we brought home he accepted with a saint’s patience, he was so forgiving of our travel calendar and whenever we were with him, we were HOME. He was tough as nails, beating liver failure at 7, an 8lb tumor and splenectomy at 10, lymphoma at 11 and a heart condition at 12. He fought until the end, swam and ate sushi yesterday and this morning passed peacefully in his bed, on his own terms, with the sun pouring in the windows. He was an old soul, a patient teacher and our best friend. Our only wish was to have him forever, but we are so grateful for the gift of twelve years and one month. As Kitty Edwards said, "After death our physical body returns to the earth. Our wisdom returns to the mountains. Our soul returns to the stars". ✨ Thank you for being a part of his journey, we will miss him so much. - Artwork by @karinapuentearts, thank you, it’s my most cherished heirloom. #axl #dontshopadopt #foreverourboy #grateful

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