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Laura Hooper

Running a small business is filled with ups & downs each & every year, but 2017 has shaped up to be a really wonderful year here at LHC! A few highlights working with my sister @lysbobby & the rest of our team this year include... ✨ We published our first book! ✨Held our first beginner calligraphy workshop in Europe ✨ Launched our online Calligraphy Classroom Portal to reach thousands of you learning the art of pointed-pen in the comfort of your homes ✨Held our first 5-week Practice Plan ✨ Finished our fourth year of teaching calligraphy {we’ve now met over 4,200 of you in person!} ✨ Presented & taught at a handful of amazing industry conferences ✨ And of course played a part in so many beautiful weddings that took place all around the world...including @lysbobby’s! ✨ It has been such a fantastic year & we can’t wait to share all that’s in store in 2018. Happy New Year, everyone! p.s. be sure to head to my stories to meet the newest addition to the LHC family...another highlight for us!

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