Mariage - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

In 1989 you took me to buy my first bra (Marshalls, blue polyester). In 1991, in Mom and Dad's bathroom, you demonstrated the secret to a killer HJ (it involved Lubriderm). Taught me to chug a beer in 1992 ( Conn College dorm room), took me to my first all-ages show in 1993 (Catherine Wheel), wrote my resume in 1997 (Jane magazine), and administered an emergency makeshift Brazilian wax with a rusty scissors on a rocky boat off the shores of the Galapagos in 1995. You’ve taught me, over the years, that Jason Bateman — not Ricky Shroeder — was the real star of "Silver Spoons", that taking acidophilus on an empty stomach is the secret to good skin and digestion and when in doubt, "accept and reflect", or make french toast or make a list or monogram a pillowcase or track your ovulation circle or, quite simply, stop obsessing and just say sorry and move on. You're beautiful, + brilliant, tough + tender, you're the gummi to my bear, the Mallory to my Jennifer, the crispy to my calamari, the skinny to my jean, the Rag to my Bone, the rice to my pudding, the Don to my Olsen, the Duke to my Scannon, and I, honestly, I live for you, Happy birthday to the BEST BIG SISTER ON THE PLANET. Thank you for showing me how it's done. xooxoxoxo @rebeccashap

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