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Because these fleeting moments matter. Even though there’s an unattractive place of half eaten food smack dab in the middle of this photo. If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to turn the focus of my instagram into these little ‘in between’ moments and less about portraits. Because that’s really where my focus is + where I feel like I really shine. It’s what makes what I bring to the table different, in my opinion. After talking with a bunch of folks lately in the photo community- we realized too much focus is on picture perfect couples in picture perfect poses on the most lovely and epic of locations. Not that there’s anything wrong with these epic photos (hello, have you seen our Colorado mountaintop wedding photos?) literally nothing wrong with them. But those are so glorified on social media that I feel like the little moments get snuffed out and feel less important and it’s the opposite. I would feel horrible if couples ever felt their story was less important because they weren’t ‘picture perfect’ (whatever the heck that means) or weren’t having a wedding in an epic location. But just so you know- we can create BEAUTIFUL photos anywhere in any situation. This sneaky little hand hold under the table during speeches is one of my recent faves.

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