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Jay Cassario

Our studio will end up shooting over 110 weddings in 2017, an accomplishment we weren't necessarily aiming for this year but are extremely proud of. Our goal is and always will be getting to know our clients and building relationships with them. I remember being asked at my lecture at WPPI earlier this year for Leica how that's possible with so many clients. Being that it was early in the year, it made me really stop and take a deeper look at how to approach this year and our clients. It's almost October now, and while I answered that question with confidence, I'm extremely proud that our studio has lived up to that expectation. I'm even more proud of the relationships we've built with all of our clients. It's because of these relationships that the images in this post came to be. My clients, I'm sorry, friends... Zach and Jess got married a couple weeks ago at Perona Farms, which was a bit of a drive for some of their family. One family member in particular... Zach's Nana, who wasn't able to make the drive. Knowing how much Nana wanted to be there, Zach and Jess decided to get back into their gown and tux, along with their family members for a small celebration. Where at? You got it, Nana's house. Nana lives down by Ocean City, NJ, just about 10 minutes from the beach. Knowing how important it was for everyone, I drove down to take some family portraits for them. It felt like I was showing up to my own family get together as I ate dinner and hung out with them all for a bit. Before I was about to say my goodbyes, I very carefully tossed out the idea of having Zach and Jess go into the ocean before getting changed. Without hesitation... that is what we did. All 3 of us running in the ocean, having a blast, capturing memories that will no doubt live on forever. It was midday with a horribly bright sun, but I didn't care about lighting or really anything other than letting the two of have fun together doing something spontaneous and completely unplanned. If I were to answer that question from WPPI again this year, the answer would be that we truly care about our clients, and yes, it is possible with over 100 weddings as a studio

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