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Laura Hooper

Our beginner workshops are geared towards individuals with zero experience with the art of calligraphy, though we do often have a couple people that have tried on their own before class. Recently a student had purchased a pen holder & nib she saw online, ink she saw a pro using & grabbed whatever art paper she could find. Sure enough it "didn't work out well." Was it her? Was it the supplies? She had no idea. .. This is precisely why we first developed our starter kit nearly four years ago. There are so many supplies available, but not all papers, inks & nibs work well together & individual supplies don't come with helpful instructions on how to actually use them. Without tools curated for beginners, attempting calligraphy can quickly become a frustrating, unenjoyable experience. .. If you've been wanting to learn the art, now is your chance! Yesterday we launched our new online portal & with that we are offering up to 40% off our digital content including the starter kit + video tutorial. The sale also includes our new Beyond Beginner video bundle as well as two new videos to help you write in a straight line + work with oversized wood boards + our alphabet exemplars. Click the link in my profile & jump on in...we're here & happy to help

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