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"When we got to the top, it was the most gorgeous view I had ever seen. Blue skies, green mountains, and lake as far as our eyes could see. David had his arms around me and as we looked out, I literally said these exact words: "Babe, could you imagine this view as an engagement announcement?!" Then I told him that when we do end up getting engaged that I hope it's somewhere as beautiful as this, something that we both enjoy doing, and that it's just us. He said, "I know sweetie" and then he asked me to slow dance with him. There we were, holding each other, and as he started to spin me, I felt him kneel down. I thought he was joking because of the the comment I'd just made but before I knew it, he was pulling a real box out of his pocket..." WOAH Chills. Link in profile to read their full, adorable story ☺️

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