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Laura Hooper

Our 2017 beginner calligraphy workshops kick off in just ONE week! This time next week we will embarking on our fourth year of teaching the art of modern calligraphy. We are so honored to be able to share this beautiful art with so many of you & are excited to get another year going. Next weekend's DC-area sessions are sold out and the June classes here are nearly half full, so don't wait! Hop over to {link in profile} for full details and to register. After next weekend, we will be in London for our first European workshop, then we'll be making stops in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Boston & LA for Spring/early Summer. Our workshops include high-quality supplies to get your started as well as hands-on instruction on how to actually make them work for you. We cover the tools before jumping into practice strokes before moving into letter formations, where we then cover a full beginner alphabet. We would love to meet you & get your calligraphy journey started!

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