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Once Wed

"It’s really nice for your eye to know where to go when it looks at a floral arrangement. I want my viewers to go on a visual adventure; to focus on one spot, stay there for a moment, and then move across the arrangement, traveling along lines of color and texture. I want their eye to follow a winding path, opening them up to explore all of the complexities of the floral elements I’ve chosen. I tend to call these paths “rivers” and imagine them as meandering bodies of flowing color and texture, weaving in and out; back and forth, cutting through the arrangement like a river cuts through the mountains." Learn more from @sarah_winward in her online course with @ifimade, The Nature of Wedding Floral Design. It's 25% off until midnight tonight with the If I Made Flash Sale - a saving of almost $300. Use code: #FlashSale at checkout. Link in profile. Photo by @tesscomrie #ifimadeweddingflowers #ifimade

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