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Once Wed

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your design? You can change product, or vase types, or color palettes - but if you don’t change the way you THINK about your design, you’re not going to be able to change its LOOK. That’s why @ifimade created floral design courses with both @sarah_winward and @bowsandarrowsflowers. We asked them to share their philosophy on flowers with you to challenge you to think about your design in a new way. They’ll push you to start using your product differently, thinking about shape, movement, shadows, highlights, colors, gradients, texture and more. Once you understand these principles, you’ll see them come to life in your work. SAVE 25% off both courses in our If I Made FLASH SALE. Use code: #FlashSale at checkout. Sale ends midnight Wednesday! Floral design by @sarah_winward, photo by @kateosborne #ifimadeweddingflowers #ifimade #floraldesign

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