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Weddbook ♥ "I'm a #vlogger and I'd been planning to do a specific video for a long time. The video is called a "Boyfriend Tag" (it's popular in the #YouTube world) and it's where a #girlfriend puts her #boyfriend to the test by asking him a series of questions about their relationship. Matt agreed to do it (...for my "birthday present"...) so on December 9th, we sat down in front of the camera and I asked him 30 questions – he was a trooper the entire time. Just as I was wrapping up the video and saying goodbye, Matt nudged me and said he had a few questions of his own. At first I protested, "No! This is a #boyfriendtag.. you don't get to ask me questions..." but after he reassured it was only a few, I let him proceed..." ❤ Head to to watch (it's long, but adorable as always!)

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