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"On New Year's Eve in 2013, I was back home in Mesa, Arizona for winter break. Some friends and I decided to go to a party that a buddy from our rival high school was having, meaning there were going to be a good number of people we'd all never met before. The whole night, my friends and I were all looking for our potential kiss at midnight (yes, guys do this too) and despite having enough time to scout, I still hadn't met anyone as 12 o'clock rolled around. When the countdown started, I'd accepted the fact that I'd have to wait until next year, but when the crowd got down to "two", a gorgeous blonde wearing bright red lip stick came walking up to me. Everyone screamed "one!!!" and she planted one on me right then and there. The actual kiss only lasted a second but it has a lasting effect (mainly because of the red lipstick on my lips). Then ... just as fast as she showed up... she disappeared back into the crowd, and left without telling me her name, let alone a way to contact her. Luckily, later in the night, I received a comment on one of my instagram photos that said "I kissed you tonight". I replied "How could I forget"..."

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