Cristal vert Glitter Explosion d'étincelle Nails! Tutoriel

Link to my FB page: Link to my nail art supplies / work room tour video: Link to my spanish channel: Link to my video where I share my tips for growing long natural nails: Link to video that I documented my nail growth for a 3 month period : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello :) For this week's nail art design I wore these green glitter glam nails. They're flashy & will get your hands noticed. You can use any background color of your choice, you can even make a it a 2 color manicure. I hope you like it. Have A Fun Friday! List of brands & products I used to decorate my nails this week: Basecoat Nutra Nail with green tea antioxidants Green nail polish color I used for my french manicure is by Nabi and i

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