White Carpet

Every Wednesday on NBC Nonstop, from September 12 to October 10 (2012), 8:30pm EST. ***** Hollywood's A-List is known for walking the red carpet. Greeted by a sea of paparazzi, famous starlets and VIPs are celebrated on this coveted runner. It has become a pop culture phenomenon as the masses are "Tinseltown" obsessed. From whom they're wearing to who's on their arm, the world of celebrity is one of intrigue, magic and excitement... The red carpet is a personification of it all. "White Carpet" reinvents that same magic and excitement, as it celebrates the future "Mr. and Mrs.!" For this once in a lifetime production, the bride and groom are celebrities in their own right. Today's weddings have truly become larger than life events as couples infuse their own sense of style and personality into every aspect of the celebration. "White Carpet" delivers "wedding news you can use" from some of the world's wedding industry leaders. We explore all the hottest trends in wedding fashion, food, planning and style. "WC" is hosted by Pronovias Bridal Fashion Authority, Elise Rosenblum.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyii7xtebk8

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