Mariage - Cette jeune mariée est No Fool

Cette jeune mariée est No Fool

With only a month until I take a two month Leave of Absense to have another son, I’m packing as many shoots as I can in the little free time I have. This Friday afternoon I did another engagement shoot at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills. We had overcast skies, which they thought was unfortunate, but I told them about the more natural flesh tones and lack of shadows. After squeezing off a few rounds of them in the grass/jungle they saw what I was talking about. Lucia & Shane are the most adorable couple and totally easy to work with. At one point I suggested they do a romantic shot laying down in the creek, to which they asked, “shirt on or shirt off?” Now that’s the kind of clients I like!!! Ambitious and just as crazy to come up with something unique. We saved our water adventure for the beach at sunset, which was blocked by the June Gloom, which showed up in March. What’s up with DAT? I just received my permit to shoot commercially at Paramount Ranch and all NPS Properties in the SMMNRA, and

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