Spectacular Wedding Shoot In Muted Tones - Weddingomania

Spectacular Wedding Shoot In Muted Tones - Weddingomania


If you are looking for a place not flooded with tourists and still oozes all the authentic Italian charm, we've got a great idea for you. Photographer Lilly Red Creative is whisking us away to Matera - one of the oldest towns in Italy, located in the "in-step" of the boot, in the Basilicata region.

Planned by Benevent, the day starts off with the bride's sultry boudoir session at one of the most amazing hotels in all of Matera: Hotel Sextantio le Grotte della Civita. Much of the city is built in and upon old caverns and tunnels - and this hotel happens to be one of them.

Cloaked in an exquisite veil, the bride and the team wandered the inside of the one of the oldest churches of the town. If you look closely you can catch a glimpse of the ancient paintings and frescoes that decorate the walls. For the ceremony, the team set up a collection of ancient amphorae, complemented by typical green branches. The table was a triumph of colors - featuring ranunculus and local flowers to create a contrast against the stone wall, along with hand-dyed linen cloths.

The bride is wearing a local dress specifically designed for this session by Silvia Lucarini. The groom looked really dashing in his soft pink blazer and chambray accents, handmade by Linnèo Archivable Clothing. The muted colors reflected the sunrise and the soft palette of Matera's landscape.

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