We're mad for this Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding

We're mad for this Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding


Konstantina rocked a colorful polka dot wedding dress, light blue wedding shoes, and a super colorful bouquet that channeled Alice in Wonderland. If that's not enough to get you all in, I don't know what will. But we're going to try! The groom, Giannis, took the reins in planning the Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding down to the ideas, photos, and details. They were going for magical over childish, and totally succeeded.

The centerpieces were hats, characters, and candies in lieu of flowers. There were pastel cupcakes, a topsy-turvy cake, "drink me" bottles, clocks, Cheshire Cats, and a rockin' time all around at this wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Wedding Planning: Phaedra Liakou Events * Photography and Photo booth: Dimitris Bourgiotis Photography * Dress: Oh My Honey * Shoes: ΝΑΚ * Hairstyle: Kiki Arampatzi * Makeup: Mpountouri Rania * Bouquet: Muscari White Florist * Flowers: Vintage - Weddings and Events * Handcrafted creations: Manousenia * Cupcakes: Vergidis * Cake: Sugarela * Venue: Aldebaran * Church: Kirillou & Methodiou


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