Pronovias Presents The Stunning 2018 Preview Collections

Pronovias Presents The Stunning 2018 Preview Collections


Contemporary elegance. Comfort. Lace. Deep V-necks. Those are just a few of our favorite things about the latest collection from Pronovias. The world's leading bridal brand, based in Barcelona, presented its 2018 Atelier Pronovias Preview Collection in an intimate fashion show at their flagship store in New York City just a few weeks ago... And mouths dropped, in the best way possible! Herve Moreau, the creative director of Pronovias, focused on reinventing the mermaid dress and creating convertible styles, fit for the modern bride.

The palette of colors centered on optical whites, adorned with metallic and gold details - which add a touch of luxury and sophistication (we're all about a little touch of glam!). Additionally, this collection prides itself on allowing the bride to not only shine, but to really feel comfortable! We were over the moon to hear this, because let's face it - it would be such a bummer if you couldn't dance the night away at YOUR wedding, right?

Let's take a look at a few of the highlights from the collection!

Delicate designs crafted in fine fabrics + exquisite details, we're absolutely smitten over the sultry elegance of these two gowns!

This year's collection focused on brocade crepe along with gemstone embroidery. The crepe fabric allows for a draped effect, which creates beautiful + breezy movement. This, coupled with the gemstone embroidery over the entire bodice, turn the designs into absolute jewels.

Pronounced necklines + plunging backs show off a little skin in a sophisticated manner that delicately enhance a woman's femininity.

All that lace...

Femininity, sensuality, and elegance! The classic mermaid style is revitalized here with a modern neckline and a new take on proportions.

The illusion of this this nature-inspired floral motif lace is absolutely exquisite, don't you think?

To add a bit of flair + an option to change from day to night, the new collection also features convertible dresses! Brides can opt for removable cape veils, which together with the overskirts offer a wide range of possibilities.

Holy smokes, right?! Pronovias never fails to leave us in utter awe...

So, what are your favorite trends for wedding dresses right now?

photography: Gerardo Somoza // makeup: Marina Christine // hair: Kelly Tomasso using Aveda

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