Light Catcher and Delicate Darkness | A Bridal Inspiration Shoot

Light Catcher and Delicate Darkness | A Bridal Inspiration Shoot


Lucy Davenport, Louise Seymour and Jo Irving of Lovehair & Co - you have done it again! You have completely inspired, engaged and captured my wedding heart today with this truly stunning light and dark bridal editorial shoot. The dresses, the jump suit, the statement jewellery, the flowers, the hair, the colours, the setting - everything just marries together so well in this shoot and I love it!

For those of you who are wondering who the hell I am gushing about, Lucy, Louise and Jo are what I like to call the wedding dream team. Three suppliers who, individually are pretty damn good, but when put together create something awesome! They often work together on weddings and styled shoots and we have featured their work on Festival Brides before when we shared this gorgeous Glitter Hair and Make-Up Wedding Inspiration Shoot. Always striving to create dynamic and modern bridal inspiration, today's shoot is an exploration of light and dark through the use of your hair, make-up, jewellery, flowers and dresses. It features the most gorgeous wedding dresses and the hair styles by Lovehair, with the use of flowers and fairy lights, are just fab. We love the knotted plait - so very cool - and the bun shaped with lavender flowers is so simple but looks so good!

There is a lot to be excited about with this shoot so get your pen and paper ready as you may want to make a note of some of these awesome suppliers!

Enjoy lovely peeps....

Light Catcher and Delicate Darkness

Words by Lucy Davenport

Light Catcher and Delicate Darkness were the outcome of two shoots on one day. With the amazing team of stylists, Lucy Purbrick armed with multiple dresses from The Mews Bridal plus dream duo Louise Seymour (MUA) and Jo Irving (Lovehair) we channeled our vision to create two contrasting looks.....

Delicate Darkness....

Words by Lucy Davenport

Delicate Darkness was about the contrast, but showing this look could still be effortlessly beautiful. Some elements were brought over from the Light Catcher look including the statement jewellery.

I loved Ashleys ethnic look and we exposed her tattoos to push the laid back luxe and rock chic combo. This was accentuated using denim and biker boots then the glitter Alexander McQueen trainers with the Delphine Manivet Jumpsuit - the ultimate. Whats not to love?!

Luna Bea 's ceramic hair pieces were used in a more dynamic style, and the florals were a deeper palette.

Super Cool and Detail Free....

Words by Jo of Lovehair

Ashely's hair is naturally very dark and I knew we were shooting against a dark background, so I was really keen to use the fairy lights to enhance what would be a simple look. Plus, who doesn't love a fairy light!? I kept the hair super cool and detail free, so that the look was still wearable.

Her hair was actually quite fine and cut into a short edgy bob. I wanted to show what was possible with short hair and I definitely didn't want to use extensions to do so.

Bobs, Lobs and shoulder length styles are super trendy at the moment and I think they give a real Chic/ Coolbride look on your wedding day..So go wth it girls, don't grow your hair just because you are getting married!

LunaBea's hair accessories contrasted beautifully with Ashley's dark hair and finished the look for me. I believe in having one key piece; either the hair or the accessory. One must always enhance the other rather than fighting for attention.

Light Catcher....

Words by Lucy Davenport

Using model Stephanie from BMA, with her English rose skin and blonde hair, I wanted to echo the softness and capture her on the distressed white brick wall. This helped to create the texture and ensured the end look wasn't too polished along with statement jewellery.

Soft, muted colours were used in the florals including ranunculus bundles in the hair.

Layered lace, Freya Rose mother of pearl heeled shoes and ceramic hair accessories from Luna Bea complimented the overall look.

With bridal two pieces being very much on trend, the Moonflower from Elizabeth Stuart was a nod to this - a great option for a bride wanting to wear a classic look but still on trend.

New Age Plaits and 90's Strands....

Words by Jo of Lovehair

I was a little more 'trend led' with this one, and wanted to add some styles from my collection. Stephanie's hair is very thick and great to style so we had fun with these..

I obviously wanted to incorporate plaits, I love the 90's look of a french plait going down the centre of the back (my go-to style when I was at school!) but I wanted to give it a modern edge.

I also loved all the tribal and uber modern styles that we'd seen on the catwalk and at fashion weeks early 2016, so I wanted an element of new age plaits in there

We went a bit 90's with the hair around the face too. I am usually anti-strands but can see a real trend for this and was keen to bring it back in this shoot. I love how it softens the look.

Chic chignons and soft side styles also made the cut and obviously I sneaked some more fairy lights in too. I always work with dresses, make up and accessories in mind, so although I had a plan, it was still very much dependent on what was going to enhance the look. It's never just about the hair.

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