17 cream shoes for bridesmaids and brides (that we don't call NUDE!)

17 cream shoes for bridesmaids and brides (that we don't call NUDE!)


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We got a question from a bridesmaid named Sarah about finding nude shoes to go with lavender dresses and if could we do a roundup of ideas to solve this dilemma. Naturalmente! However, we interrupt this shoe post with a PSA aimed at clothing companies:

"Nude" and "flesh-tone" are super popular color names for shoes, bras, panties, hell, even adhesive bandages! It's no surprise that we're seeing it so often. They're not Sarah's fault, they're eeeeeerywhere. And they're also racist, and even Merriam-Webster has expanded their definition of "nude" as a color. So before we discuss the issue of what shoes Sarah might wear, let's get down to brass tacks. These are cream shoes for bridesmaids or maybe beige shoes, but definitely not nude shoes. Unless you're going barefoot, in which case that is actually a nude shoe.

Thanks, Sarah, for the great post idea AND the great reason to talk about the issues for a hot minute. Oh, and my pick for matching a lavender dress would be a pinkier/cooler toned cream. I've included some in this list.

Our cheekier answer to nude shoes:

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