29 Tropical Wedding Aisle Décor Ideas To Try - Weddingomania

29 Tropical Wedding Aisle Décor Ideas To Try - Weddingomania


Getting ready for a hot tropical wedding? You need to think over many details, from your wedding attire, which should be comfortable for heat yet very stylish, to your wedding décor, which should echo with the wedding theme and location's features and landscape somehow. Your wedding arch and aisle aren't the last points on the list because the ceremony is the most important part of the day, and the arch and aisle décor will make it super touching and romantic.

A tropical wedding aisle can show your wedding colors and of course the location. Leaves, flowers, tropical fruits or all together will create a mood and show your venue to the advantage. Don't forget that your wedding aisle or chuppah should continue the wedding aisle decor and be done in one style and with the same decor. Let's have a look at the possible variants to show the tropical exotics and choose!


Pineapples are the most popular tropical fruits, and they are ideal for lining up the aisle. Pineapples with flower petals or palm leaves are ideal markers for a tropical wedding aisle because they will perfectly show the coloring of your wedding. You can also go for citrus - just place them on the floor, add candles or flowers to create a cool look. The advantage of such aisle decor is that you fruits will never wither and will look fresh as long as you need, plus you can decorate them with glitter or else.


Banana and palm leaves and fern are great for decorating your wedding aisle. You may attach the leaves to the chairs or put them right on the floor or ground, add candles and flower petals for a cool look. To keep the leaves fresh you can make arrangements in sheer glass vases with water, they will look very modern. Leaves also look good with pineapples, citrus or other tropical fruits.


Flowers are the most popular decorations for any kind of aisle including a tropical one. Choose bold or white flowers and decorate the chairs, hang garlands and keep the same décor for the arch or chuppah. Flowers look awesome with fabric, leaves, petals and fruits, too, and you can never go wrong with them. You can create arrangements in glass jars placing pebbles and flowers there and then covering that all with water - this is a perfect way to keep the flowers fresh as long as you need. Petals are easier to use in that case, they won't wither, or you may even use fabric ones. Stick to the colors of your wedding and create a beautiful wedding aisle to make everyone cry on this beautiful day!

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