Alice In Wonderland Wedding In Salvador Dali's Museum - Weddingomania

Alice In Wonderland Wedding In Salvador Dali's Museum - Weddingomania


Paige and Rick described their wedding theme as 'a wedding in Wonderland' and they were inspired by a version of Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dali. They used the book's illustrations as inspiration for their different centerpieces, various decor and overall funky feel. They wanted the visuals to inspire curiosity much like Dali himself and his artwork, and hoped their wedding would transport their guests down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

As the guests entered the museum for our ceremony they were greeted with pink flower flamingos and the sign 'Holy Shitballs Today is Going to be Awesome!' The ceremony took place on a helix shaped staircase in the middle of the Salvador Dali Museum, and the couple was married by the Mad Hatter with a light hearted, short and sweet ceremony, and all the guests were stanfing around and had a perfect view.

The couple's favorite part of the day was getting married, closely followed by cake! The cupcakes were from upside down Alice, to the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter hats. They also had a floating rose cake topper! Hung from the ceiling it floated perfectly like a Dali painting above the cake. There were chocolate Dali moustaches on sticks, they were great for photos and delicious.

To add to Alice theme they had custom 'Drink Me' stirrers for the guests to use in the champagne toast. The couple also had 'Eat Me' cards and vanilla macaroons on the tables and each and every centerpiece was a unique master piece much like each of Dali's illustrations. Get more of pics of this crazy and bold wedding below!

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