Spring Vibe: 38 Fresh Flower Wedding Accessories - Weddingomania

Spring Vibe: 38 Fresh Flower Wedding Accessories - Weddingomania


We all know that weddings are all about flowers - real or paper ones, they are always decorated with them. The bride and her bridesmaids are carrying bouquets, too, so there a lot of flowers around but if you want more or if you are looking for more creative ways to rock flowers, here they are! Floral crowns are a huge trend today, and many brides, bridesmaids and flower girls are wearing them but you can go further and rock amazing fresh bloom accessories.

Fresh flower jewelry is a great trend that is gaining popularity and is especially perfect for the spring and summer nuptials but you can rock it all year round! Choose the type of jewelry you want: a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a ring, maybe also a belt or a sash but don't be excessive with all that - a couple of accessories are enough, otherwise you will look like a flower bed. Offer flower corsages or belts to your bridesmaids and mothers, too, make them feel special. Wanna some ideas? Have a look at what we've prepared!


Floral necklaces are a huge trend, and they will easily match any bridal look, or any bridesmaid's dress. you can rock a super bold and colorful necklace to contrast with your delicate dress and add a pop of color this way, or try to highlight your delicate image with a blush or ivory necklace. Moody dark necklaces are also welcome, especially if you are having moody fall nuptials. Try oversized bloom necklaces, which can make even the simplest dress stand out, or rock a cool flower back necklace to highlight your statement back dress.

Corsages And Bracelets

Corsages are rather traditional for bridesmaids, and you can also give some to the mother of the bride and groom to make them feel special on this day. You can try cool arm bands, they will look especially amazing at garden or boho weddings. Floral bracelets are also rather popular among brides today, so you can accentuate your look with such a cool piece.

Belts And Sashes

A floral belt or sash will make your bridal look more tender and delicate, softer and cuter. Rock the same blooms as in your floral crown or bouquet and highlight your waist with fresh flowers, it will look very eye-catching!

Leg Accessories

Try floral ankle bracelets, garters or just decorate the shoes with fresh blooms - make your look very romantic and super feminine! Ankle bracelets are super actual for barefoot brides, pay attention to this gorgeous idea!

Other Ideas

Floral rings and earrings and shoulder jewelry are awesome! I especially love earrings made of tropical flowers, which are amazing for destination brides. Get inspired!

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