44 Stylish Gay Groom Outfits That Inspire - Weddingomania

44 Stylish Gay Groom Outfits That Inspire - Weddingomania


Today's roundup is dedicated to stylish groom looks, and we are celebrating gay weddings. Gay men have an impeccable taste, and their outfits and wedding décor prove it for sure. Some gay couples prefer to wear the same outfits to get a perfect matching look, and others opt for matching or totally different looks to show off the personality and style of each groom at its best. Let's have a look at the best ideas and get inspired by the grooms who really nailed their looks!

Same Outfits For Both Grooms

Many gay grooms prefer the same looks for their weddings because together they look as one whole and that's fantastic for wedding portraits. Same tuxedos or same suits in various shades: black, grey, navy or other colors will look amazing on both of the grooms and will give a chic matching look together. If you think that it's too boring, you can opt for the same suits but different ties, shirts and shoes - there are lots of ideas to express the personality of each groom. Try ties that match other groom's shirt, your look together will be complementing. If you are having a relaxed beach wedding, wear white shirts, vests and pants or suspenders. You may say that rocking the same looks is boring but such family looks are so romantic!

Matching Outfits

This type of looks is my favorite, I must confess. Matching groom looks are so adorable, they show your attention to detail and your perfect complementing look as a couple, they symbolize how you complement each other. To achieve such a look, wear the same suits but in different colors or patterns, opt for the ties that match each other's shirts or suit colors and patterns. You can also try the same jackets but all the rest different, it looks awesome. Such looks allow showing the personality and style of each groom and still have a stunning complementing look.

Different Outfits

If you have always known how you want to look on your big day, even if this look doesn't match your beloved one's, never mind, just rock and feel happy! You both needn't get the same clothes to look a couple and love each other, so if each of you wants something really his own, wear whatever you like! Happiness in your eyes will make your look perfectly matching!

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