4 Cold Weather Wedding Tips And 37 Ideas - Weddingomania

4 Cold Weather Wedding Tips And 37 Ideas - Weddingomania


Preparing for a winter wedding and found out that it's gonna be very cold? Don't panic, you can handle it! Today's tips and ideas will help you to deal with it so that you won't feel that it's a problem.

Dress Up

Cold weather is perfect for rocking a gorgeous fur coat or cover up, a stylish scarf, gloves and a beanie, which will give your bridal look special chic. Ready for some fun? Change your shoes for fur boots, maybe for high ones and make pics of them, you won't regret it! Dress up your groom in a coat, scarf and something else cozy, it's necessary for outdoor photos.

Don't let your bridesmaids and flower girls freeze, choose fur cover ups and cable knit cover ups for them. They can also try sweaters, which look adorable with tulle skirts, choose cable knit pattern as it looks extremely cozy.

Take of your guests giving them pashminas, scarves, cover ups and gloves, these can be also wedding favors.

Organize S'Mores And Hot Chocolate Bars

Keep everyone warm - just make an s'mores or hot chocolate bar. You can even place one outside to let your guests have a mug before the ceremony or during it. Don't forget to add marshmallows to both bars, they bring coziness and taste amazing fitting perfectly hot chocolate and other hot drinks. You can also try hot tea or coffee bars and add Bailey's as it warms up very well.

Use Snow For Your Wedding Décor

If it's a snowy day, use snowflakes and faux snow for your décor and favors, memorize this winter cold as a peak of romance. Faux snow can be used instead of confetti or you can even order a snow machine for a snowy exit from the church. Create lanterns and candle holders with faux snow and decorate them with fir and pinecones. Silver snowflake jewelry will give you and your bridesmaids a delicate and girlish look. Add snowflake décor to your tables and desserts to embrace the season.

Go Natural

Nature-inspired décor is extremely cozy, and winter is the best time to show it up. Wood slices instead of placemats, pinecones and fir branches for décor, wood logs as cake and candle stands, berries and cinnamon will make your wedding warm and very cozy.

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