5 Winter Wedding Hair Tips And 34 Examples - Weddingomania

5 Winter Wedding Hair Tips And 34 Examples - Weddingomania


Not only winter wedding makeup may be tricky, keep your hair picture-perfect the whole day in the winter can be also difficult. These tips are going to help you to choose a hairstyle and keep it ideal during the whole day.

Prep Your Hair For The Winter

In the winter we all need to pay more attention to our skin and hair. Both need more moisturizing, choose a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate your hair and scalp. Nourish your hair and especially ends to look good, and it's true not only for weddings but on the whole too. It will give you amazing canvas for creating your chic wedding hairstyle.

Consider Your Outfit

Most of winter brides wear not only a dress but also a fur stole, a fur coat, jacket or a shawl, and your hairstyle should be comfortable, it shouldn't rub against your clothes otherwise it may be spoilt. The best way is to choose updos or side swept hairstyles that won't touch your clothes and won't tangle in the accessories. Feeling uncomfortable with all the hair gathered? Make a few loose strands to frame the face.

Embrace Updos

An updo is a perfect hairstyle for the winter not only because it won't rub against the clothes. In the winter it may be rainy, windy and cold, so loose locks won't last long. Opt for updos that won't go static and will look good during the whole day, and the best bet to combat static and keep your style in tact is to soak your hair in a hydrating mask the day before your wedding. It means that you will have a picture perfect hairstyle at your wedding, and that's what we need, don't we?

Try Messy Updos

A messy updo is another great idea for a winter wedding because it's a no fuss hairstyle, and even if it gets a bit tumbled, nobody will see it. A messy updo is a hot trend this year and besides it's easy to tidy up in case of strong wind.


Consider cool hair accessories that can make up the hairstyle, add chic and charm and glitter if needed - it's winter, remember? Headpieces, headbands, tiaras, flower crowns will help you to complement the look.

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