20 Cool Motorcycle Themed Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

20 Cool Motorcycle Themed Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


If you and your partner truly love motorcycles, then you should take motorcycle theme as the main one for your big day. Fortunately, it's really easy-to-make! And I think it's a great way to show your personalities. So today I wanna share some interesting ideas to incorporate a motorbike into your wedding. Good news is that you can take this theme for any season wedding.
At first, you can create invitations with motorcycle images. They can be funny invitations with a drawn happy couple on the motorbike or you can find elegant ones. For weddings with a rustic touch you can even make cardboard invitations with a wooden motorcycle decor detail.

One of the most popular ideas for this type of weddings is motorcycle cake toppers. Of course you can ask your baker to make a simple two or three tiered cake decorated with cake toppers, but if you like unique and cool ideas, then besides toppers create road, little traffic signs and trees on your cake. I'm sure your guests will be delighted!
If you wanna a motorcycle-inspired guest book, then we have a really creative idea! What do you think about using a helmet as a guest book? You can put your two helmets (for example, black and white ones) on a table and your friends and family will write some wishes on them.

If you have a motorbike, you can get a great wedding photo shoot! Don't forget to decorate it with flowers, ribbons and signs (the most common one is "Just Married" sign). But if you like retro style, find vintage motorcycle with a sidecar. You don't even need to decorate it cause it already looks fabulous.

Wanna find out more? Then scroll down to get inspired. Even if you weren't a big fan of motorcycles, you'll be in love with these ideas!

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