Everything you need to know about how to get a custom engagement ring design!

Everything you need to know about how to get a custom engagement ring design!


I needed to re-design the engagement ring that my fiancé inherited from his grandmother. I found myself Googling "custom engagement ring design" and "how to make a custom engagement ring design" and "who the hell can I ask to re-design my engagement ring forgodsake" for weeks and weeks. But being way too scared to get the process started... mostly because, I didn't even know how to even start.

That's when a lightbulb went off: I've been writing about our longtime sponsor Joseph Jewelry for years. I've been consistently blown away by their custom work. So I reached out to them and asked if they'd want to take my hand and lead me through this whole process? Thankfully Joseph Jewelry accepted, and folded me up into their loving arms.

Now I can share an in-depth look into their custom engagement ring design process with anyone else who's feeling nervous and overwhelmed by the task at hand...

Step 1: Contact Joseph Jewelry

Start the design process by going here, and clicking on the "GET STARTED" button.

I was as nervous as I was excited. Mostly I wasn't sure if I even knew enough to start the process at all. But I just started plugging in all the specifics that they ask for - ring size, the kind of stone I had (or would want), the kind of metal I thought I'd want, etc. Then explained my story...

My fiancé proposed with his grandma's engagement ring, and I need to turn into something that's more my style, that hopefully combines a couple of bad-ass ring designs that I found online.

Then it was time to name my design. Of course I chose...

Step 2: Share inspiration

I fell in love with, like, three different engagement rings. So I uploaded a bunch of photos for Erich - the "lucky" Joseph Jewelry designer that got to deal with me - along with the piece meal, word salad, that were my requests...

"Is there a way to spread the baguettes out, so they look more like funky parts of the band than a center diamond accents?" "I'm thinking of the beaded details less like 'pearls' and more like 'studs.'" What if those cool round balls are on either side of the diamond? Kind of like this vintage ring photo that I just uploaded."

Step 3: Then watch as a designer literally draws from your imagination

I think Erick and I went through three different drawings until I was like, "Hey, that looks awesome! I think that's it!"

Step 4: Marvel at the 3D design

Then the drawing was turned over to my girl, Bonnie, another Joseph Jewelry designer, who took that sketch and turned it into a 3D rendering of what my ring could look like.

Step 5: Hone it

The nifty 3D images made me realize that there were a lot of changes that I wanted to make.

Step 6: Try it on

Amongst the very cool things that Joseph Jewelry does is they print out molds of the 3D design, and then ship them to you. So you can hold them in your hands, and slip them on your finger, and make 150% sure that this is the design you love.

Bonnie was awesome, and made sure to send two versions of the solid ring, just in case one broke in transit. And one totally broke in transit, but one came out just fine. That was for seeing close detail. The clear ring is flexible and tougher, so I could try that one on and see how it felt and looked.

Step 7: Then change your mind completely (but don't feel bad about it!)

Once I saw the exact size and details of the wax molds, I realized that I wanted to make the ring thinner. I apologized profusely, but was assured that it happens all the time. So don't worry about changing your mind, guys! Joseph Jewelry is happy to make any changes you want, and you get to keep seeing cool 3D versions of them!

Step 8: Try it on again and approve the design

Yup. That'll do. The moment I saw the wax mold, I felt it in my bones that it was "it." So I rushed the computer and was all...

All I have to say is 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻!!! A MILLION CATS WITH HEARTS FOR EYES!!!!

Print it. Ship. It. Give me that ring right meow!

Step 9: Wait impatiently as Joseph Jewelry does their thang

Step 10: Happily rock your custom engagement ring design for the rest of your life!

Now that you know everything about getting a completely custom engagement ring design made from scratch (See, it's not scary!) there's no excuse not to start the process. Even if you're not exactly sure of what you want, just contact Joseph Jewelry TODAY, and see what awesome design you can come up with together!

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