Alternative Styled Wedding Shoot in the Back Streets of Rome

Alternative Styled Wedding Shoot in the Back Streets of Rome


Oh my goodness, do we have an absolute treat for your eyes today with this stunning styled couple shoot. I have honestly been swooning at my screen for the past hour whilst viewing all of the images. They are sexy, arty, dark, romantic and cool all rolled into one and I just know you guys are going to love them!

Captured by the incredibly talented Ana Ferweh in the streets of Rome, the shoot features a real life couple (whose sexual chemistry and obvious love for each other is just amazing) and their journey around the streets and roof tops of the back streets of Rome. The aim of the shoot was to showcase an alternative and unconventional approach to weddings in a city where tradition is usually paramount. Rather than capturing the couple in well kept gardens or in front of a grand chateau, Ana wanted to expose the underbelly of Rome and use the raw beauty of the streets as her backdrop.

Using suppliers from Germany, Italy and England this shoot was an international affair which makes me love it even more. Each supplier has brought in their own alternative element to spin tradition on its head and the result is just awesome.

Ana talks us through her ideas for the shoot and how it all came together.

Enjoy lovely people.

While being in Rome for the Way Up North photography summit, listening to great talented artists and walking through the beautiful streets of Rome, I got inspired to do a styled shoot in the eternal city. I knew already in Germany that I wanted to shoot in this great city. So I asked Carola the designer at Fräulein Liebe if she would borrow a wedding dress for a shooting. As we already shot together before, she was in. For the groom's suit, I asked Mr. Ash, a tailor from Stuttgart, with whom I also worked before, to borrow a suit and accessories. And so I flew with this lovely wedding dress & the suit from Stuttgart to Rome.

The idea of the dress and also the shooting was to keep it as much non-traditional as possible. No corny jewellery, instead really cool stuff made by two cool designers. No corny shoes, instead cool boots. No chic shoes and suit for the groom, instead sailing shoes & no jacket. Also the dress is very nontraditional, instead sexy & nonchalant.

I wanted to show something different to the traditional stuff. I think Rome & Italy stands more for typical traditional weddings. So I wanted to show that young couples can break the rules and it can also be wild, sexy & cool. It doesn't have to be a chateau & Villa Borghese as a location for your wedding portraits, it also can be the next rooftop with a clothes line or the next street can offer so many beautiful spots. Just explore your neighborhood and you will be surprised what nice places you can find.

Luckily I got to find a real couple very in love. They have been amazing. So much emotion! I felt in love with them. Also my Airbnb apartment got to have a nice rooftop, where we could shoot some of the pictures and having an amazing view over the typical Rome, while catching that magical evening Rome light.

Later we explored the city. I wanted to capture the typical Rome atmosphere. So we got to find some narrow streets just around the corner of my apartment with amazing steps and decoration. Couldn't imagine it any better.

I had a lovely stylist by my side, who I found over the internet and who organized the beautiful jewellery from two very talented ladies, who do amazing jewellery inspired by nature and architecture. She also organised our lovely make-up artist, who did an amazing job.

So the whole shooting took 4 hours with hair & make-up and we had a bunch of fun, mixing up 3 languages (italian, german & english). A very international shooting.

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