Utterly Romantic And Sensuous Spanish Destination Wedding - Weddingomania

Utterly Romantic And Sensuous Spanish Destination Wedding - Weddingomania


Earlier this week we shared a truly gorgeous destination wedding in Punta Cana, today let's transfer to the shores of the Mediterranean in Spain! We're so happy to share this incredible editorial prepared by an extremely talented team of vendors, including photographer Alexandra Semyonova and Mendelssohn Internation Wedding Agency. Here you'll find tons of romantic and pretty ideas for your big soiree, especially if you decided to have it at the beach. The creative folks wanted to tell the story through that shoot about a girl that deeply loves the sea and also natural beauty of Spanish landscapes and nature. They wanted to create a really sensuous, intimate and utterly romantic vibe, and looking at the gorgeous pictures I can surely say they succeed.

The ceremony was set up very simply on the beach overlooking the Mediterranean. The designers wanted everything in the décor to be connected with the sea, so the color palette repeats its colors: muted greys, dusty blues and a bit of whites. The bride's textural bouquet reminds of the plants that usually grow near the sea, and her dress with a stunning flowing skirt almost replicates the waves. Even her makeup is in deep blue shades, which highlights once again her love to waters. The groom is barefoot and laid-back in his plain white shirt, looking like a true sailor about to marry the love of his life. Watercolor invitations with calligraphy ties in well with the rest of the décor, adding even more romanticism to the shoot. Folks gorgeously convey the character of Mediterranean style of this place and aside from what I've listed, there's more details to love. Check them out below and get inspired!

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