Gorgeous DIY Flower Anklet For Brides And Bridesmaids - Weddingomania

Gorgeous DIY Flower Anklet For Brides And Bridesmaids - Weddingomania


Are you preparing for a beautiful beach wedding? Looking for some cute and elegant accessories for your bridal look? I think you should pay your attention to this chic and gentle floral anklet! This accessory will be perfect for weddings and brides in boho style, in combination with flower or greenery crowns and airy lace or silk dresses. If you aren't ready for a barefoot bridal look, just add flat sandals, your accessory won't lose its special charm anyway! This flower anklet isn't only for brides, it will be good looking on bridesmaids too! They can combine it even with short cocktail dresses at your beach wedding.

All you and your bridesmaids need is to choose favorite fresh flowers and style them depending on your choice. You can also add anklet rhinestones, beads and ribbons to look more gorgeous! If you wanna know how you can make it yourself, continue to read. You'll need flowers of your choice, strip of scrap fabric (at least 15 inches), craft wire and heavy-duty pliers. Cut a long strand of wire. Then starting at least 6 inches from the end of the fabric, tightly wrap the wire a few times. Continue wrapping the wire along the fabric. Now using the cutter portion of the pliers, snip the stem from each flower. Make sure to cut each flower right below the base. Then pierce the wire through the bulb of the first flower. Wrap around several times. You can read next steps of the instruction here. Find your inspiration and enjoy!

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