5 Hilarious & Most Common Pre-Wedding Nightmares!

5 Hilarious & Most Common Pre-Wedding Nightmares!


This blog post by Weddingplz lists 5 hilarious common pre-wedding nightmares that a bride-to-be is endangered to come across. If you are a likely candidate, watch out for these nightmares and read on to know how to tackle them!

I remember patting myself on the back when I was passing through my pre-wedding phase. "This too shall pass," I had tried comforting my nervous self back then. But who could deal with the nightmares. Pre-wedding nightmares are something nobody tells you about, but everybody survives in their own ways.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my pre-wedding nightmares with all of you who are planning to get married soon. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you, you are not possessed. These nightmares are very common and will disappear from your wedding night!

Let's start with the most common nightmare of them all -

#1. Waking up to realize you have missed your own wedding! A lot of us wake up screaming in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep after we have embarrassed ourselves...

"My wedding was supposed to be YESTERDAY," you shout at your sleepy family members. This is perfectly understandable; the family will show you a calendar and also offer to keep a reminder alarm two days before the actual wedding.

This nightmare will continue for many sleepless nights but you will win over the sympathy of your family and your pet dog.

Let's move on to the other nightmare.

#2. The opposition has called for a nationwide bandhon your wedding day! You haven't finished your studies for the Std 12 boards and you expect a bandh to be declared but no, this miracle will happen only on your wedding day!

I have imagined bandhs, curfews, floods, tornadoes and even earthquakes happening right on my wedding day. I suggest you drink one glass of water before going to bed and that will help drown these adventurous thoughts. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa also helps but drinking water is comparatively easier!

The next nightmare I'll throw light on is a creepy one.

#3. Being infected by chicken pox just before your wedding! This is as good as waking up to find an ugly pimple on the morning of your wedding. If you are the groom, this isn't anything to bother about, but in case you are the bride and are regularly waking up to find imaginary pox marks all over your body, then I suggest you drink a glass of hot haldi milk before going to bed. Applying haldi paste all over your body at bedtime is also effective as haldi or turmeric is a good anti-septic.

Oh and by the way, I did get the chicken pox but that was a good 8 months after my wedding!

Now moving on to the big one!

#4. Short-term memory loss nightmares, one that affects the whole of mankind. Have you woken up shocked and numb because your would-be partner does not recognise you anymore? I did.

I get all pretty and decked up in my wedding hairdo, makeup and saree and walk up to the man I love and want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. But, he walks away as if I were a ghost. I confront him, " Hey, where are you off to? We're getting married today!" He can't hear a thing I say!

I panic. I follow him and start screaming at the top of my lungs, before getting into a tug of war with him. He does not budge but what I find in my trembling hands instead - is my own blanket.

The only solution is to call/message your partner even if it is 3:00 am and ask them if they remember everything about you, including the wedding date and your lucky colour. Most would-be grooms have also shared the same nightmare!

The next one involves a precious wedding keepsake - the wedding album.

#5. Disappearance of your wedding album! The wedding photographer calls me up to inform that he forgot to save our wedding pictures and I scream and yell at him, while he goes about unrepentantly, "Sorry madam.. Ab kuch nahi ho saktha! You guys get married again :)"

When we were on our honeymoon, our photographer actually called to inform that all those pretty wedding pictures we'd posed for - have got DESTROYED. My sad but true story... I had to work hard to filter out still images from the wedding video.

Nightmares are real but they are only as much real as you want to think. Always remember - Darr ke aage jeet hai! Never fear when a wedding is near.

Disclaimer: None of the methods mentioned here have been tried and tested before, so do use them at your own discretion.

About the Author: Vinaya Naydu for www.weddingplz.com

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