Crazy Wedding Themes - Wedding Friends

Crazy Wedding Themes - Wedding Friends


While most of us choose to get married in a place of worship or some other building of note, it's becoming increasingly common to see newlyweds tying the knot on beaches or in places that have some special significance to them as a couple. However, while many brides and grooms have a relatively traditional wedding in mind, others are choosing to mark the occasion with a day that represents their own unique outlook on life, whether that's getting married in a department store or swapping rings in a shark cage. If you're looking for some inspiration for your wedding, here's a few ideas for crazy wedding themes you might want to consider.

Perfect for shopaholics
Shopping has become the pastime of choice for many people, but how many of you would actually like to celebrate your nuptials in a department store? One couple from Mount Pleasant in Michigan decided to tie the knot in their local TJ Maxx, choosing to swap vows in the shoe department in full view of the regular shoppers. We're not sure whether they received a discount on their wedding shoes or whether they were charged for the privilege of getting married in store, but it certainly made their day extra memorable.

Looking to save money on your wedding dress?
The wedding dress is probably the one thing that the bride has fantasised about since she was a young girl. While the style may change as she grows up, no doubt the thought of getting married in a traditional wedding dress is foremost in her mind when planning her wedding. However, one couple in Australia decided to forego the traditional route and get married totally naked. They won their 'dream' wedding package in a competition run by a local radio station, and so ended up walking down the aisle with just some strategically placed items to cover their naughty bits. Luckily for the guests, the dress code didn't require them to follow suit.

Being a high roller
Getting married on a roller coaster doesn't seem to be such an unusual way to get married anymore. Many theme parks offer marriage ceremonies, albeit for a hefty fee, with couples being given the choice of marrying before they ride, after the ride is over, or even during the ride itself. Imagine saying 'I do' as you hurtle towards the bottom of a 100 foot drop!

A game of chance
For gambling enthusiasts who want a high rolling wedding of a different kind, getting married in Las Vegas is probably at the top of their list of wedding venues. Whether they choose to tie the knot with an Elvis impersonator presiding over the ceremony, or in a casino itself, Las Vegas is certainly a magnet for couples looking to add some show business glitz to the occasion. However, if your budget doesn't run to such expenditure, a casino themed wedding is a great idea for lovers of all kinds of casino games. You can even bring your day right into the 21st century and include a link to an online casino so you can play for real money!

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