Into the woods: Avigail & Tom

Into the woods: Avigail & Tom


Every once in a while we receive weddings that leave us astonished, weddings that have a sense of magic to them that cannot be ignored, wedding that remind us why we're in this business in the first place. Avigail and Tom's wedding story is an example for such weddings that we just love and adore with a romantic love story, a dreamy wedding location and design and an unforgettable bridal look.

Avigail Adam, a jewelry designer who specializes fairy-like jewelry and sells her designs around the world, and Tom, who owns an international recycling business met under divine circumstances; Avigail noticed an article about Tom in a newspaper on a random Saturday morning and something about him just caught her eye and she found him very inspirational. The newspaper was laying there for a whole week while she sporadically glanced at the article and at Tom's picture until she found the courage to contact him through Facebook. The rest is history.

Tom and Avigail's similar lifestyles and values are what brought them to decide on having an intimate wedding at their rustic home garden in New Jersey. They knew they wanted a small celebration with just their closest friends and family and so their new home, which is surrounded by woods on one side and faces the river on the other was a perfect fit.

When it came to the design, they each brought a taste of their private worlds into it: Tom, who is into collecting goods (they even have an antique market just 5 minutes away), and Avigail with her natural design vision, used their collections to decorate and instill the vintage scent to their event. The magic of their celebration was in the unique bohemian atmosphere which came alive with a lot of DIY and great imagination: the tables were set in an "Alice in Wonderland" theme with different treasures that were found in their backyard woods such as pine cones and acorns. In addition, Avigail created many little inspiring areas that were scattered around the yard. They were built from old ladders, creative shelves, antique books and bottles and frames of pictures from their magical moments together as a couple. When it came to the food it was clear to them that it had to be a vegan caterer.

Avigail's bridal look was no different from the overall magical atmosphere. She always knew she wanted a natural look with goddess features and so she turned to her long-time dream dress designer, Sam from Samuelle Couture who also luckily happened to live in New York. Since the dress was quite impressive, Avigail wanted to tone down everything else and so she did her own natural hair and makeup. In terms of accessories, she wore a bracelet (designed by her of course) and a minimal bouquet which she made out of dried flowers that will last for a long time. To capture their beautiful day, Avigail chose longtime friend and colleague Ella Uzan. To add another sense of excitement and joy to their ceremony, their baby Leo was joint with them under the Chuppa to complete the family circle.

Avigail and Tom's wedding was personalized and thought through until the smallest of details, which what made it a heavenly wedding as you will see in the pictures below.


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