Beauty Products That Go Above and Beyond Their Call of Duty

Beauty Products That Go Above and Beyond Their Call of Duty


It's safe to say we're all pretty strapped for time. Whether it's due to a 12-hour workday or super-social schedule, we are all on a constant quest for a daily routine that's both speedy and efficient. Which is why so many of us are HUGE fans of those miracle makeup products that kill two birds with one stone. To save time, space and cold, hard cash, check out the staples you need that cover multiple beauty tasks.

YSL Touche Éclat

No product can make you look more awake and vibrant than a good ol' highlighter. Want glowing skin in a snap? Highlight your cheekbones, forehead and bridge of your nose. Want bigger, brighter eyes? Highlight the inner corners of your peepers! More prominent and shapely brows? Add a dab of highlighter along your brow bone. Fuller lips? Dap a little on your Cupid's bow. Better yet, get your strobing on and dab it everywhere - collarbone included!

It's no surprise that we're completely obsessed with brows ( and brow products) right now, as is the rest of the world. But, this bad boy doesn't just shape your brows to perfection, it's also an eye liner, eye shadow, hair root touch-up tool (we're still in shock over this one) annnnd it can work as a contour product. You can basically fix up your whole face with one gel pot that literally fits in the palm of your hand.

Concealer is like a little stick of makeup magic. It helps keep your late nights a secret and can cover anything from acne scars to tattoos. But, that's not where its potential stops: It can also be used as a primer for your lips and lids to prevent lipstick or eye shadow from fading or creasing. Thanks, concealer.

If only there was a hair product that could do 25 things at once. Oh, wait. One United conditions your locks while it improves manageability, reduces dryness, strengthens your strands, primes hair for styling, prevents heat damage and split ends, adds shine ... and MORE. We're just gonna stop there and let you try it for yourself.

Sure, red lipstick can be used, well, on your lips. But, get this - it can also be used as a base for your concealer to cover serious dark circles or tattoos! The red in your lipstick neutralizes darkness to balance out your skin. Don't believe us? Watch the red lipstick magic happen here.

One palette is all it takes to correct anything from redness caused by a pesky blemish to dark under-eye circles caused by your nighttime rendezvous. Filled with odd colors like pastel green, yellow, pink and purple, these targeted formulas can conceal ANY imperfection and leave you with flawless, lovely skin.

We've got plenty more product picks to help you get through your beauty routine!

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