Cute DIY Floral Wine Glass Charm | Weddingomania

Cute DIY Floral Wine Glass Charm | Weddingomania


Accessories for your wine glasses are almost a must on your wedding table not to mix up glasses. So for this project you will need 26 gauge floral wire (cut into 5" pieces), wire cutters, floral tape, clippers, flowers, stemmed glass and wine. First you need to cut flower stems to approximately ½ inch in length. For flowers with hollow stems, like ranunculus, anemones and dahlias, push floral wire up the hollow center of the stem, through the flower, and 2 inches past the top of the flower head. Bend the exposed wire into a long, narrow hook, and gently feed back through the flower and out the base, leaving the bend in the hook nestled against the top of the flower, and the end of the hook coming back out the base, along the side of the stem. Next steps of the tutorial are here.

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