Modern Hair + Beauty 2015 Yearbook - On Sale

Modern Hair + Beauty 2015 Yearbook - On Sale


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also the holder of a NEW Modern Hair + Beauty magazine. This cult classic beauty magazine goes on sale today with more inspiration and advice then there are shades of red lipstick!

When we sat down to plan this edition we thought about all the things that we wanted to know about hair, skin and makeup. Nothing was off limits and with a group of women varying in age and lifestyle you can imagine our list became very extensive... Over the following months, editor of Modern Hair & Beauty magazine Rosemary Slade spent hours researching, she consulted the experts and road tested the bountiful treatment solutions. The result is some of our best editorial to date answering the questions that regular women actually want to know! A few of our favourite stories include Yes You Can Change (p. 32) all about how to change your hair colour the right way and Could You Be Ruining Your Hair? (p. 72) where we uncover the careless habits that could be damaging your hair. In Skin Hang-ups + Fixes (p. 114) we tackle all your skin angst head on with treatment options and solutions. Plus we look at which makeup brushes to use, your best hair care combos, highlighting your face shape, which primer to use and so much more...

Our Step by Step guides are back!! You love them, we love them, so it's no surprise we're teaching you the art of the chain braid, the knotted pony, soft textures, waterfall half twist and the twisting Dutch braid. In makeup step by steps you'll learn how to create a soft and sultry look, one that is pretty in pink, purple pastel and a natural glow...

Be inspired by our shoot pages featuring looks for short, medium and long hair lengths...

Modern Hair + Beauty magazine is famous for introducing amazing new products and the classics you can't live without. In this edition you'll find our advice on the best foundations, blushes and lipsticks for your skin type, new fragrances and the best bronzers and nude nail polishes from luxe to less. Plus we chat to the industry's best makeup artists who share their cult beauty buys.

Be inspired to make 2015 your most beautiful year yet with the Modern Hair & Beauty Yearbook, available at all good newsagents or online through Modern Wedding and selected retailers.

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