Camp Wedding Details and Ideas

Camp Wedding Details and Ideas


This summer has definitely been the season of the camp wedding. It seems like weddings inspired by our childhood getaways have been popping up everywhere lately, right? And from nostalgic, playful details to woodsy, lakefront venues, who wouldn't be a fan? As a former Girl Scout, these weddings instantly bring you back to the joys of the craft cabin and earning those tricky merit badges.

Speaking of artsy projects, this couple (below) DIY'd their own "Camp Waters" sign to hang over the mess hall. And because the theme is really rustic don't worry about pristine perfection-this sign works so well because of the jaunty letters and rough edges.

If you really want your guests to enjoy your summer camp wedding, you have to immerse them in the adventure. Need to transport guests from the parking lot to the ceremony site. Use a school bus!

Now, while you can certainly have an elegant camp wedding, I prefer those that embrace the playfulness of it all. If your ushers are brave enough, have them sport some scoutmaster uniforms as they guide guests from here to there (below).

Your paper goods can really help to bring your summer camp wedding together. Above, the program is in the form of a scouting "guidebook" complete with "official" stamp and wrapped in string. Below, this invitation features a map of the campgrounds and a handy-dandy "legend" to sort things out.

With a more modern style, this infographic itinerary (below) excites guests ahead of time with all the fun they can expect to have at camp, from bonfires to boat races.

A theme like this really invites so much creativity. For kids of all ages you can arrange scavenger hunts (above, left), craft projects, sing-a-longs, and even merit badge competitions. Keep things fun and simple by using easy-to-find details. Convert Kraft paper bags into utensil holders (above, right), which if you are outside, will keep napkins from blowing away in the breeze. Take that canoe sitting by the lake and turn it into your bar area, either with kegs (above, right) or by filling with with ice and cans.

If you don't have a bonfire with s'mores at your summer camp wedding, your guests will riot.

If you want your camp theme to have less whimsy and more rustic grace, incorporate more upscale details. Use a sweetly handwritten sign (above) to direct guests where to go, but also surround it with gorgeous flowers. Hang vintage lanterns near picnic tables (make sure they are at a safe height and distance from trees and guests). Hand out burlap bagged favors of trail mix to guests as they leave. For the more elegant camp weddings, it really is about blending more rustic chic elements with your summer camp theme.

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