Supplier Spotlight: indieLoveBooks

Supplier Spotlight: indieLoveBooks


Before we head out for the weekend, I just have to share one of my favourite new supplier finds. I say finds, but actually I have watched from this sidelines as this developed from the beginning, since the talented designer behind indieLoveBooks is Ché Dyer, the same talented personage behind the amazing blog and stationery brand, indieberries. I love Ché to bits as you probably know by now, and a while back I asked her to share the story of the super original guest book she made for her own wedding with my readers. The response was amazing - not surprisingly, you all wanted one of Ché's fun keepsake creations for your own big day. She's gone on to launch indieLoveBooks, a bespoke site dedicated to the guestbooks, with three different packages available to suit the number of your guests. Knowing Ché's incredible passion for her work and attention to detail, I know why she already has had so many happy customers, and I asked her to tell us a bit more about indieLoveBooks as well as herself. Welcome back, Ché!


Tell us more about indieLoveBooks?
indieLoveBooks are bespoke wedding guestbooks that are created using photographs of the couple. The guestbooks also feature a selection of fun, quirky questions for guests to answer such as, "What should we do on our first year anniversary?" or "The secret to a happy marriage is...". Since each book is completely bespoke, couples may also request any custom pages that they would like, for example, 'meet the bridal party' or more scrapbook-styled spaces for honeymoon memories!

These books make such beautiful coffee table keepsakes - we lost all our wedding photographs in a freak accident, so I fully know how precious it is to have something special from your day, filled with all the love and good wishes of friends and family, to keep forever! Our books make a great gift for bridesmaids, friends and family to order as a surprise for the special couple!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?
I created my first indieLoveBook two years ago after searching high and low for the perfect wedding guestbook for my own wedding. After hitting a mediocre end every time, I decided to create my very own wedding guestbook from scratch. I absolutely LOVED the result and our guests had so much fun answering all the quirky questions and leaving us little messages of love. Soon after blogging about our guestbook, I received an enquiry from an American bride to create one for her! I knew from then that it would be a product that not just me, but many other brides would love and keep forever so I began offering it as one of my graphic design services... and so began the very organic growth of indielovebooks!

What inspires you?
I'm a complete sucker for love stories! The bespoke guestbooks that I create use photographs from the couple from an engagement shoot or throughout their time together and one of my favourite things is being able to weave together these love stories through the photographs and memories that I lay into their guestbooks. I absolutely LOVE being part of such a special day in the lives of two people.

Favourite place in South Africa?
HOME! (Hilton, Kwa Zulu Natal.) Followed closely by Netherwood where we were married!

What advice would you give to brides and grooms?
Do your own thing and create a wedding that is personal, special and fun for YOU regardless of how wacky, weird and crazy your ideas may seem! Most of our wedding ideas that were deemed 'crazy' (epic food-story, sunglasses-hangover packs, pencil save the dates) by everyone else, were the ones most loved by our guests in the end!

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