How To Clean Cutting Board

How To Clean Cutting Board


I have problems with cleaning cutting board very, very often. Every time I cut tomatoes, peppers or beets. I thought there's no way to get rid of these red stains. I was so wrong. There is a method, simple and organic one. You don't need to scrub it or use any chemical. Lemon and salt - it's a perfect solution.

Rachael from 'All Kinds of Yumm' website shows this simple and effective way. You use ingredients that most of you already have at home. They are completely harmless to the environment so you can feel free to use them in the kitchen. But don't forget to change your wooden cutting board from time to time anyway. It's not healthy to use one for a long time even if you clean it often. Check out our other posts and learn how to clean: Stainless Steel Sink, Smooth Stovetop and Oven Glass.

Do you know any other proven way of cleaning household stuff? Let us know in comments below!

Check out the tutorial on All Kinds of Yumm.

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