Jessica Poole Wedding rustic barn wedding skinner barn

Jessica Poole Wedding rustic barn wedding skinner barn


Every year, for the past three years, on this same date, I always have the same issue when it comes to a feature..... I really should finally share my own wedding, it is our anniversary after all! Every year its the same thing, I keep the date open, I dont schedule anything, promise myself that I will whittle down the 300+ images that I swear are important to the feature, aka to me, and every year, I cant and then have to scramble last minute for something else. I woke up this morning and well here I am again, what to do.... finally I thought, enough is enough, I am going to share some of it, but more importantly share some funny tidbits that go along with our day intermixed with the images. We were really blessed in the weather department, with Hurricane Irene making its way up the coast, it literally arrived to us around 2am or on our wedding night. Its funny to look back at our wedding, the details, the decor, even the locale and see how now thats what is in trend, as it was not just 3 years ago. I loved our beautiful rustic barn wedding that at the time we described as shabby chich. Its been a crazy three years, as all marriages will be, but I would not change anything to spend on less minute with my soul mate. As a last word I'll say, you might find the posting time of this a bit odd, late in the afternoon and all, but it is actually the time we got married, this day, 3 years ago. Call me a sentimental romantic. I think I was saying I do right about now...

Yeah, I actually acquired horses for our portraits. How often does one get to do a photo shoot, might as well make it awesome right!? The Center For America's First Horse helped us out and they truly are an amazing organization working hard to save horses. While he wasnt a part of our shoot, if you recall the movie Hidalgo, the horse is actually with them now!

From the very moment we started planning I knew I wanted our table numbers this way, house numbers screwed into old books. I still love it and am so pleased with how it turned out. You'll notice old books as a theme throughout, for example our mix matched candelabra centerpieces were placed on top of stacked books. We got very lucky, and literally drove past a library that was closing its doors and majorly scored on books, dumb luck really!

Ah the coffee bean bags, BAN OF MY EXISTENCE. This was before burlap was a thing, and even so I wanted some different. I actually hand sewed 4 of them together for a table that was used outside. Took me 2 weekends....

You'll notice hot air balloons through out our wedding too. The hubs proposed in a hot air balloon, so it was a natural fit. This hot air balloon, which hung over our dessert bar, was hand made by my artist cousin , who is a legit tremendous artist who helped me with so many of the decor details. Our wedding would not have been nearly as awesome without her!!!

The table just up above, yeah that was the 2 weeks of labor coffee bean table cloth I mentioned!

I saw photos of another couple on a double wide swing and immediately fell in love. I added crazy long fabric streamers to the ropes to really give that playful romantic feel.

BEST.CAKE.EVER. You know the sprinkle cake that you all love so much, yup our baker, Jenn at . Everything she makes is heaven, I am not just saying that either. Its a serious problem. Every time we head up to Vermont, we always go see her and eat, and eat, and eat more........

THESE TWO! These 2 peanuts are my 2nd cousins {first cousins to each other} and holy hell how much I adore them. They were beyond amazing, loved 'their job' and as you can see, totally adore each other. Btw, Chloe our flower girl is my artist cousin Courtney's little girl. I take 10% of the credit for how awesome Chloe looked. I sent Courtney a dress style I kind of liked as well as a headpiece idea, and well, Courtney made EVERYTHING. The back of the dress is awesome, which you will see in just a few. Oh and those major Converse with the fat yellow ribbons... Courtney's idea.

My maid of honor & best friend, Sarah. I opted not to have a fun on bridal party, having only Sarah. This probably my favorite shot of her ever. My sister was originally my MOH, but.... well... and I am sure she is going to blast me in the comments here, she got herself fired, lol. I only bring it up because everyone has girl bridal party drama, even me! Basically if your going through it, dont feel so bad is all I am saying. Life goes on and my sister and I are as tight as ever!

You might be wondering whats up with the pinwheels. Our aisle was basically non-existent and a far walk from the barn to the open area of our ceremony. For some reason all the openness didnt sit well with me, so I came up with the idea of a pinwheel lined aisle!

It might look like I am crying here, and I sort of am slash laughing at myself. About a moment just before this, I did get the well up start to cry moment and about the same time my dad turns to me and asks in kind of a funny tone if I am ok, which as a response I start laughing naturally and say to him something to the effect of shit I didnt want to cry yet. Which, as it turns out, the entire back rows of our guests heard and the hooligan section, you know who you are, broke out in laughter because I went a whole 60 seconds before swearing into my own wedding. Interestingly enough, that was not the only notable swearing at our wedding....

What you are about to see below, while it might look like I am getting emotional, I am actually not, its a 6 part photo series on what happened with the hubs forgot his vows and spoke from the heart, again, I am not crying here, I am dying with laughter....

So I guess my cry face and laugh face are closely tied, lol. Long story short, the hubs had spent months crafting exactly what he wanted to say, only to freeze at the moment and go completely blank. He started speaking from the heart, which became a bit of a stream of consciousness ramble, which concluded with, and this is way the laughter, "I just... I just fucking love you man!!" I.KID.YOU.NOT! Honestly my favorite moment of our entire wedding day, it was so pure, so true and so damn funny it was simple perfection.

The time leading up to our wedding Anthropologie carried postcards that were book covers of the most popular books from Penguin publishing. I love the idea of them and used them as our menus. I created our menu and turned it into a stamp, hand stamping the back of each postcard with the nights treats!

Our cocktail hour was held outside with umbrella tables and farmer's market like food stations. The hubs has a big time thing for Farmer's markets, so that was the inspiration on this one.

Something we didnt consider until about 4 days before the wedding was that the popcorn machine could in no way pop enough for everyone, sooooo..... we made a deal with a local movie theater and they popped it for us! We had giant bags left over after the wedding for weeks!

Psssssst ~ This is my awesome cousin Courtney! Thank you Courtney, our wedding wouldnt have been half of what it was if it wasnt for you!!!

I learned a good lesson at our wedding, paper projects + humidity = crap. All that around the barn entrance WAS gorgeous hand made 3-d hearts, which, when put into the real world with a major hurricane coming, well they died before our wedding even started! Oh well, now I know!

The inside of the barn is one of my favorites. Our florist did an amazing job as not only did she doe the florals, she cut fresh sapplings which went around all the beams and hand crafted my vision of this gorgeously draped dance floor. Seriously, you dont even know all the amazingness that florist will get into!

Hope you enjoyed our wedding. I love you hubs and I am so happy and so thankful that its you that I love! Down the rabbit hole we continue to go!

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