The 3-Day Hair Challenge: Day #1

The 3-Day Hair Challenge: Day #1


By now we've all heard about the perils of washing our hair every day. We're aware of the lovely over-drying effect it causes and the stripping of essential oils that can also result. Despite our wealth of knowledge on the topic, we still find ourselves scrubbing those locks every morning or night for some reason or other. So, let's go over this again - stop washing your hair every day! In addition to stressing out your hair, you're also wasting water, and considering we're smack dab in the middle of a drought, that's no bueno, ladies. OK, we are not in the business of lecturing here at MDC, so we chose to lead by example. To help you wean yourself (and ourselves) off your overwashing ways, we wanted to present a little hair challenge. Team MDC is going three whole days without washing our hair and we're documenting our individual experiences as well as the hairstyles and products that kept our locks in check. The first day is easy-peasy, as our hair is freshly washed and lovely, but stay tuned on how we manage as the challenge progresses. We're game - are you?! Join along and share your photos on Instagram, using the hashtag #3dayhairchallenge.

Jessyca Dewey, Managing Editor Hairstyle: Straight

"My hair is very fine, so in anticipation of Day 3, this morning I only put a tiny bit of my usual product onto my hair. I made sure to apply it only to the ends, so that it won't contribute to the oily look I'm sure to be rocking on Day 3! I used L'Oréal Advanced Haircare Volume Filler Thickening Conditioner to give my hair some extra bounce, which it will surely need in two more days."

Angela Melero, Associate Editor
Hairstyle: Natural Waves

"I have super-thick, coarse, wavy hair and I want to make sure it stays manageable for the next three days. For my first day, I lightly sprayed my damp mane with Garnier De-Constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray and blow-dried it with a diffuser to give it natural body all day."

Erin Laine, Production/Content Coordinator
Hairstyle: Loose Curls

"I usually go three to four days without washing my hair, so this challenge should be a breeze! For my first day, I curled my hair with a my flat iron, and used L'Oréal EverStyle Smooth & Shine Serum to add some shine. My hair holds curls pretty well, so no need for hairspray!"

Photography: Erin Laine Are you up for the 3-Day Hair Challenge? Tell us your plan of attack in the comments below!

Models: Jessyca Dewey, Angela Melero, Erin Laine

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