Boho-Inspired DIY Head Chain Bridal Accessory | Weddingomania

Boho-Inspired DIY Head Chain Bridal Accessory | Weddingomania


Boho style embraces freedom and originality, so instead of a traditional bridal veil on your wedding day you should try something more unique and boho-inspired. How about this festival head chain with cute feathers? It's simple yet very lovely, and you can easily make it yourself. You'll need 2 x 1M gold chain, 4 x 5mm open jump rings, 1 Chinese turquoise 16 x 9mm top-drilled teardrop bead, 3 x 6mm gold folding end connectors, 3 craft feathers and 12cm ergonomic chain nose pliers. Begin with taking your first gold chain and hooking an open jump ting at one end. Position the hook ring so that you're holding it in the centre of your forehead, just below the hairline, then take the chain around the circumference of the head, hooking it at the point at which the chain meets. Read next at

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