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Ultimate Romantic Honeymoon Inspiration - Wedding Sparrow | Best Wedding Blog | Wedding Ideas


Your honeymoon plays many roles: a much-needed rest after all that wedding planning, a chance to reflect on your big day, and above all, an unforgettable start to married life. Today's honeymooners are spoiled for choice. And whether you're interested in a long-haul getaway on an island paradise or just a few days in an especially chic city, planning a honeymoon that suits your tastes, needs and budget sometimes requires a little expert guidance. After all, you'll want everything to go perfectly. Here are a few inspirational ideas from luxury holiday travel agents Carrier - which honeymoon type will you choose?

Beach honeymoon

The sound of the azure blue waves lapping on the shore, white sands stretched out in front of you, and a blazing sun above... A beach honeymoon is ideal for those in search of relaxing serenity. Barbados has long been a popular choice with honeymooners and for good reason - here you'll find some of the world's best hotels and a vibrant, welcoming people. Hawaii, Mauritius and Antigua also offer guaranteed sunshine, breath-taking views and a chance to truly unwind.

City honeymoon

Not everyone finds the thought of lying on the beach appealing... If you're looking for a cosmopolitan honeymoon that allows you to soak up some culture, dine in eclectic restaurants and explore vibrant nightlife, you'll want to head straight for one of the world's best cities. Paris, Rome and New York are understandably the most prominent choices, but you can find romance is plenty more places: the exotic charm of Morocco, razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas and opulence of Venice are also worth considering.

Safari honeymoon

A safari is a once in a lifetime experience for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Spend your days exploring the wild landscape (and, if you're lucky, get within a few metres of the world's mightiest creatures); at night, camp out in a luxurious tent or relax in a lodge nestled amongst the trees. Botswana, Kenya, Australia, India, Zimbabwe... These far-flung destinations guarantee a memorable honeymoon.


Sometimes a short haul destination is a more practical choice. But just because you're not able to travel far doesn't mean that you can't travel well. Italy possesses a varied wealth of riches for holidaymakers, from the vine yard of Tuscany to the buzz of Milan. The Mediterranean climate of Greece is always agreeable whether you'd prefer to set up camp by the pool or discover the quaint charm of towns like Corfu. And the south of France and Monaco offer Riviera glamour in abundance.


On the other hand, your honeymoon is also a unique opportunity to take a holiday you've always dreamed of - especially if you ask your guests to contribute. Multi-centre trips that last weeks rather than days allow you to become more deeply absorbed in a country's customs, values and culture, meaning a richer experience all round. Uncover the wonder of Cambodia, explore the temples, forts and palaces of India, or cruise from iconic San Francisco to see all the sights of north and Central America - the possibilities are endless.

I don't know about you but my Wanderlust has taken off thanks to these wonderful images! Visit Carrier to book your honeymoon stat!

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