20 Gorgeous Bridal Hats To Get Inspired | Weddingomania

20 Gorgeous Bridal Hats To Get Inspired | Weddingomania


Hats have always had some presence as a bridal apparel option. As for me, I'm over the moon for these fascinators, and I really love seeing brides and bridesmaids wearing hats because they're less mainstream and more chic than cages, for example. Hats can easily add some touch of timeless elegance to your bridal look, especially if you're willing to be a vintage-inspired bride. I really hope that this trend will catch on, because it's also a really cool way to add a little fun to your head, like Kate Middleton charmingly does. If you still doubt, just scroll down to the gallery below and you'll make sure that bridal hats are gorgeous!

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